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Dead & Company

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Dead & Company
by Dead & Company

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Set One: Uncle John's Band, Tennessee Jed, Easy Wind, Ramble On Rose, Row Jimmy, Loser, Touch of Grey Set Two: Lost Sailor> Saint of Circumstance> He's Gone> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider> Drums> Space> New Speedway Boogie> Morning Dew> Casey Jones Encore: Ripple
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Topics: Dead & Company, Wheatland, Toyota Amphitheater
Source: 2(Naiant X-X)+2(At853a,hypers)>Naiant PFA>DR60Mk2
Dead & Company
by Dead & Company

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Dead And Company 2016-07-29 Toyota Amphitheater Wheatland, CA Peluso CEMC-6 (cards – x-y configuration)>Marantz PMD661 Recorded at 24/96 Location: Dead Center along back fence of Pit Area Taped by: John Hermsen Set 1 ----- 1. Tuning 2. Uncle John’s Band 3. Tennessee Jed 4. Easy Wind 5. Ramble On Rose 6. Row Jimmy 7. Loser 8. Touch Of Grey Set 2 ----- 1. Lost Sailor 2. Saint Of Circumstance 3. He’s Gone 4. China Cat Sunflower 5. I Know You Rider 6. Drums 7. and Space 8. New Speedway...
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Topics: John Hermsen, Peluso, CEMC, CEMC6, cards, Toyota Amphitheater, Wheatland
Source: Peluso CEMC-6 (cards – x-y configuration)>Marantz PMD661
Dead & Company
by Dead & Company

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Dead and Company Wheatland, CA 7/29/2016 First Set Only (so far)
Topic: Dead and Company